Helsinki, Finland
August 29 - September 2, 2016

The poster award winners:

Anne Bauer, Germany, Complexation studies of modified calix[4]arenes with uranium in non-aqueous solutionComplexation studies of modified calix[4]arenes with uranium in non-aqueous solution

Zijian Zhang, Japan, Development of aerosol generation system for simulating dry deposition process of radioactive nuclides released from the Fukushima accident

Heather Felmy, USA, The role of mixed solvents on the solvation and complexation of trivalent f-elements

Lotte Lens, Germany, Single-atom flerovium chemistry at TASCA

Anna Krzyczmonik, Finland, Utilization of VUV-photons for synthesis of high specific activity [18F]F2 gas

The winner of the oral presentation award:

Katarina Domnanich, Switzerland, 43Sc Production Development by Cyclotron Irradiation of 43Ca and 46Ti

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  • The fun has come to an end as the conference is now over. However, have a very pleasant rest of your trip in Helsinki and KIITOS for being here! BR, Tech staff
  • Posters have been reorganized under research areas. Poster presenters please review your new numbering: ’ Programme ’.
  • Registration is open, with wine and snacks, on Sunday 28th from 3 pm to 6 pm in Marina Congress Center.
  • There is a RoboLab demonstration in the Nautica hall during poster session 1. Click here for details.
  • Poster size: maximum wide 95 cm and height 128 cm. Preferably A0. Please print your own poster.
  • Registration for the conference was closed on July 31st.
  • Detailed program has been added. See ’ Programme ’.
  • NRC9 conference dinner will be held on Thu 1st September at 7 PM on an island in the central harbor of Helsinki in the SAARISTO (Archipelago) Restaurant. For more information, please look at Their homepage .
  • Dr. Olli Heinonen (Harvard), world-leading nuclear weapons non-proliferation expert, will give an invited lecture ”Nuclear and Radiochemical Methods in Nuclear Non-proliferation”. See ’ Programme ’.
  • Registration fees have been set. See ’ Registration ’.
  • The opening lecture ”Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle for Future Sustainable Nuclear Energy” will be given by the esteemed Prof. Dr. Thomas Fanghänel (EC-JRC). See ’ Programme ’.
About NRC9

The 2016 International Conference on Nuclear and Radiochemistry is a member in a series of conferences organized since 1984, the first one having been in Lindau, Germany. The ninth conference – NRC9 – will be organized in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The conference is organized by the Laboratory of Radiochemistry, University of Helsinki, on behalf of the Nuclear and Radiochemistry Division of EuCheMS.

The conference will cover all topics of nuclear and radiochemistry, including
• chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle
• radiopharmaceutical chemistry
• actinide and transactinide chemistry
• environmental radioactivity – radioecology
• radiation chemistry
• nuclear analytical methods
• separation and speciation of radionuclides
• production and use of radionuclides
• education of nuclear and radiochemistry

International advisory board

Prof. Jukka Lehto, University of Helsinki, Finland - Chair
Prof. Sue Clark, Washington State University, USA
Prof. Stepan Kalmykov, Moscow State University, Russia
Prof. Melissa Denecke, University of Manchester, UK
Prof. Thorsten Stumpf, Helmholz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf , Germany
Prof. Frank Rösch, University of Mainz, Germany
Dr. Stéphane Bourg, CEA, France
Prof. Andreas Tuerler, University of Bern /PSI, Switzerland
Prof. Jan John, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Prof. Xiaolin Hou, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Conference Coordinator:
Dr. Risto Koivula, University of Helsinki, Finland

Important Dates
Call for papers 8.11.2015
Due date for abstracts of oral presentations 18.4.2016
Notification of oral presentation approval 13.05.2016
Due date for abstracts of poster presentations 30.06.2016
Registration closes on 31.07.2016

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